I Feel Better Protected with ADT

I never thought I would look at ADT packages, but that is just how I spent about an hour one Saturday not too long ago. A man who lives about a mile from me was the victim of a home invasion, and he suffered some major injuries. He is still recovering from them, that’s how bad it was. I don’t know him, but just being so close to where it happened scared me pretty bad, so much that I decided it was time to look at some home protection packages.

The main reason I had not done it before was because I thought it would just be too expensive. I knew that I could get the cheapest package for less than 10 dollars a week, but I had no idea that I could get the complete package for just a couple of more dollars a week. I honestly thought that it was going to be expensive like a car payment, which is why I never researched them before this happened to someone living so close to me. I looked at the prices of the different plans, but I knew that I was getting the most expensive one since it was not going to be a hardship at all.

That is really saying something to someone who lives pay to pay some weeks. However, I value my safety, so I wanted to have this protection, even if it meant I was going to have one or two less gourmet coffees a week. I figured my life and my home are worth more than that. It was easy to order the package I wanted, and a technician was out the same week to install the sensors and keypad. I love knowing that I am better protected now that I have a home security system.